Welcome to lancedowrichcom!

I am the Regional Winner for the Caribbean in the 2016 Commonwealth Short Story Prize.

My story for this competition Ethelbert and the Free Cheese can be read on http://www.granta.com. Ethelbert’s entrance into the limelight signalled to me that my musings and pieces needed a space and should be accessible to persons who want to read about themselves through the characters that I write about.

I write about everyday things and occurrences. As a teacher and  thinking professional I observe and analyse and remember small things and I try to describe what I see and feel through the experiences of others. Teaching is very much about storytelling and my writings follow in that vein.

Although I am born and raised in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago I am very much a citizen of the Caribbean and I attempt to  speak the language of the Caribbean which is fascinating and intriguing in its many dialects and island idiosyncrasies. Note that I do not necessarily write about sun, sea and idyllic island life but I write about how we live and  what we do. Perhaps we have overlooked, forgotten or perhaps ignored some of these aspects of our lives as we challenge life and seek to make our way as Caribbean people in this world.

I promise all who take the time and effort to read my work that this is a journey that will make your laugh and maybe laugh aloud! My writings will make you think and reminisce and treasure your lives as Caribbean people.

I can be contacted as follows:

email: lance_dowrich@yahoo.com

Mobile: 868 480 0456




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