You Can’t Love Without Money

Glenroy met me as I exited the gateway of the guesthouse Nuestra Casa.

He said, “Hey I know you, I meet you before, my name is Glenroy.” I said, “Nah man, you eh know me, I only reach las night.”

He said, “I meet you already. Leave me with something.” I said, “Nah, I don’t have any money.”

He said, “I need to see a girl in the village, I just want something small.” I said, “But you have no money. You can’t love without money.”

Ignoring my advice he replied, “She is a nice girl but I just need something small to go up the road.” I said, “I can’t make that

Recognizing that his repeated requests were bearing no fruit, he changed his trajectory and said, “You want some berries and mangoes? I have some in the van.” He beckoned to a truck parked alongside the entrance to the fishing bay.

I said, “Nah I aright

Then I asked him to pose for a picture. He then strengthened his argument for a contribution stating, “I just need some money for my wife and children, to get something to eat.”

With a chuckle I asked, “What about the girl?”

He said “She is in the village just up the road.”


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