Line Up

There is a white mazda doubles van on Lady Hailes Avenue in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, just outside the Cross Crossing Shopping Centre. Soft and succulent doubles are made and fried on the spot by three women in deliciously pink aprons. Every morning I witness persons lining up for their morning fix of channa and … More Line Up

Loby’s Books

There are times when one has to take note of the influences in one’s life. For a great many persons and of course for me and my siblings the single greatest impact has been family. We lived on Lord Street in San Fernando. It was a curious but warm and lively place in the heart … More Loby’s Books

The Literacy Challenge in Chinidad and Chobago

Illiteracy is a growing epidemic in Trinidad and Tobago. Only thing is that no Minister of Health has openly addressed it. The symptoms are everywhere. One such indicator is the terrible spelling of simple everyday words on commercial establishments. One sign at a roti shop read, ”potatoe roti $8.50”. There are two issues that prevailed … More The Literacy Challenge in Chinidad and Chobago