Locksification Chronicles Stage 2

The locks grows and the father writes.

I update you on the manifestation of the Locks of Zari.

The second visit to the Queen of Locksification, Ms Mary, saw Zari’s hair loosened and washed and relocksified. There was measurable progress from the initial locksification as each strand of locksified hair was longer. Ms Mary looked at her work and said that it was all good.

The Queen remarked that all was proceeding to plan and that each lock of hair had firmly taken root. Praise Jah!

There is need for much patience by both the Wearer and the Father of the Wearer. One need not be fearful that the Father of the Wearer may grow weary. Never be fearful.

The fact that the Wearer exhibits such pride in her own natural hair speaks volumes for a young lady embracing her natural beauty as did her sister. The Sister of the Wearer, Kirina, is really the trendsetter and paved a path of self identity for her sister to follow.

What about the Father of the Wearer? Why not his hair? Well in the words of Morgan Heritage:

You don’t ha fi dread to be Rasta
 Don’t ha fi dread
This is not a dreadlocks thing
Divine conception of the heart

We are in this for the long haul.



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