Locksification Chronicles

My second daughter Zari decided that the time has come for her to lock her hair. Back in the 70’s and 80’s it would have ben stated that she has “gone Ras” meaning that she has taken the bold and rebellious step to conform to being a Rastafarian.

In these modern times it isn’t really a wholesale transformation but a head first hair only approach. She is following in the steps of her elder sister Kirina who took her head into that Rasta dimension on 21 March 2013.

Zari’s decision coincided with her eighteenth birthday and as is the accepted process in San Fernando she dutifully made her appointment with the Ethiopian Empress Ms Mary and emerged two and a half hours later with her head in a neatly plaited evenly parted infant locks.

She then promptly requested a combination box of Chinese food as the climax to this major episode in her transition to adult life.

This is the start of the Locksification Chronicles where the growth of Zari’s locks are recorded and changes are made manifest to the world.

I write this as Lancetafari ever intrigued and ever curious about all things Rastafari.


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