Eating Doubles in a Fete

If in an All-inclusive party then firstly join the line long before Machel performs and slowly await your turn to be served

If in ah we-people low budget recession jam then call yuh order waving yuh money. Both of these approaches have wider application depending on where you live and buy doubles.

Collect the doubles in an open wrapper

Using your dominant hand saney one barra (pinch using all five fingers) in a clockwise motion to collect sufficient channa for the first bite

Keep the body tilted at a 45 degree angle so that channa does not spill on your paisley shirt or white tube top. Raise the barra to your mouth in one sweeping motion keeping your head tilted back slightly

Attempt to ingest the barra in one bite

NoteThere will be spillage

 Purse your mouth in anticipation of the effects of pepper. Bulge your eyes when the pepper actually meets your Adams apple

Note – there is always pepper even if you did not order pepper

Repeat the process with the other half of the doubles

Calling for another one is optional. Check to see if Machel is about to perform before making that decision

Wipe your hands on your pants or apply some water in copious amounts before rejoining the party


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